"I have known Martha for over 15 years and consider her to be one of the most loving and kindest individuals that I have met. She is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent—and the information that she imparts is none other than miraculous. With the help of her loving spirit guides, she has significantly improved the quality of my life and that of my family and friends with her wisdom and insight. I highly recommend Martha as a spiritual teacher and life coach. Her gift of 'psychic' is a gift to all who come in contact with her."
Dr. Linda B., CA

"I have never been sure what to call Martha when I tell people about her: Therapist, Counselor, Guide, Teacher, Coach. It doesn't really matter. She is all of these things at once, and if you are lost, she's the only one you'll ever need."
Abby, OR

"Martha's wisdom has helped me to see my world from a different perspective. The products and services offered by her company all focus on the greatness of the individual—I have so many options to help me stay focused and on the right track. Martha's guidance is helping me to achieve my goals, professionally and personally and even helping me to guide my children as well. Thank you for what you are doing to make the world a better place, one 'great' person at a time."
Carol, OR

"I have been receiving coaching and guidance from Martha for over 5 years. Her intuition and guidance has been an important part in assisting me in my professional and personal growth. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants guidance and is willing to do the work to enhance their growth. You will see the results! Thank you Martha for your help, guidance and inspiration!"
Sheryl, WA

About Martha Soria Sears

"I decided to reflect on the past few years. I went through all the amazing accomplishments that I achieved; I manifested the new career I wanted. I am living exactly where I want. I have the friends and people in my life that I enjoy. The list goes on and on...Looking back I can clearly see how our talks and your homework changed my thoughts, my emotions and expections on my life. I am actually moving through life with joy and ease!"
John, FL

"I have known Martha Soria Sears for over six years. Even though I have never met Martha in person, I consider her to be one of the people I trust most in my life. I value her skills as a coach and counselor. With her guidance, I have learned to trust my own intuition and obtain a clearer focus of my path. I recently began taking classes from Martha. She is a gifted teacher, organized and concise, yet deftly able to transfer abundant knowledge and practical information, in a fun and joyous manner, to her students. Martha will assist you in obtaining what you need for your personal and spiritual growth. Thank you Martha for your generous and insightful guidance!"
Susan, CA